Toronto, ON

Tuesday January 26th &
Wednesday January 27th 2016

Unlock the Value of Mobile and Transform Patient Care

Formulate a strategy to enhance patient communication, expedite diagnosis and improve clinical outcomes.

From text messaging solutions to sensor technologies, this exclusive forum covers the key developments in mobile health. Refine your digital health strategies, engaging clinicians and patients alike.

Explore new directions in the evolution of mHealth and propel your organization forward.

Hear directly from physicians and IT specialists initiating clinically and technologically sound transformations in the healthcare sector. Connect with the very best researchers and practitioners from across North America.

Key topics to be discussed for January 2016 include:

  • Monetization of mHealth
  • Data standards
  • Integration challenges into EMR
  • Mobile Privacy
  • Data messaging standards – interoperability
  • Government, policy and funding for mHealth
  • Integration and implementation of mHealth
  • Remote testing/monitoring
  • Data analytics
  • App development: Challenges, time frame, distribution
  • mHealth standards, application integration for primary/secondary use

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