What you NEED to Know When Preparing to Adopt
Mobile Health & Telemedicine: Thinking Beyond the EMR

This information guide is by Christopher Wynder (PhD) at ThinkDox. He explains what you MUST know before attempting to adopt mobile health tech and telemedicine into your healthcare infrastructure. Most people struggle to move past EMRs, but the mHealth industry is moving faster than ever. It requires healthcare practitioners to explore further: Mobile apps, wearables, cloud & much more.

Discover these topics:

  • Top trends affecting healthcare infrastructure today.
  • 3 Types of technology disrupting healthcare.
  • Consumer trends changing the healthcare environment.
  • Cloud computing: You’ve used it and just don’t know.
  • Information management as a strategic enabler.

Download the digital guide to gain step-by-step instructions on conquering cloud computing and using info management to successfully enable the adoption of mHealth.


10+ Key Insights on Making the Most of Health Information Without Infringing on Patient Privacy.

This complimentary report is from Ann Cavoukian, Executive Director, Privacy & Big Data Institute, Ryerson University. Learn how to make the most of health information via mHealth technology without invading the privacy of patients. This report covers the basics of building privacy protection into the design of mHealth.

Take Away These Key Ideas:

  • The privacy risks of remote healthcare monitoring & wearable devices.
  • How to adopt Privacy by Design.
  • The value of the Internet of Things in healthcare devices & services.
  • How to apply the standards of Ontario’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).
  • Optimizing Privacy Breach Control.

Download this guide to identify ways to avoid infringing on patient privacy & provide the best care possible.


Learn How To Build Your Digital Health Interventions Using Solid Evidence.

Download this complimentary guide from Linda Fleisher, PhD, MPH, Director of Digital Health & Senior Scientist, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Enhance your mHealth learning. Find out how to use digital health technology in informed and competent ways based on patient experience and feedback.

Take Away These Key Ideas:

  • How to keep up with the growing Mobile Health App Market.
  • Creating & sharing Effective mHealth Tools.
  • Implementing mHealth in Primary Care.
  • How to use Texting in providing care/improvements.
  • Evidence sharing between App Makers & Decision Makers.

Download this guide and see how you can begin to use mHealth initiatives that gain strength and impact from patient involvement.